Margaret Jager and the Members of WRAAC Association Vic Inc.


Hi Kelli,

As the Interim President of WRAAC Association Vic Inc. 

We are truly amazed each time you put a mic in your hand the powerful message in your songs and the way that you sing them.

You are every bit a powerhouse performer your words are inspirational and the way you deliver them.

Judith-Kate Friedman

Songwriter works educational foundation

"Bold, beautiful, and sincere!" 

Pam Olver

Long-time fan


You are an amazing artist, singer and performer. You are so talented. I love hearing you sing. You can see how much you enjoy singing and entertaining the crowd with every song you sing. I feel privileged to have seen you grow with your music.

Pam Olver

Wendy-Lee Allen


"An absolutely amazing talented performer, whose voice takes you on a truly unforgettable journey." 

RON & SANDRA - Long-Time Fan

"We have followed your singing career for many years, You have a fantastic voice, very powerful and you put your heart and soul into every performance ."